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E.S. Wigg & Son envelope manufacturing premises in Adelaide.

While we have a range of standard and speciality products, if it's cut out of a sheet
we can form any style of envelope.

Talk to our team about your requirements and we can make recommendations to best suit your needs.


Wigg standard envelopes consist of:

- Plain face envelopes

- Window face envelopes

- Pocket and square envelopes

- Fundraising envelopes

- Green envelopes


Fundraising envelopes

Wigg specialise in manufacturing fundraising envelopes that delivers a great response rate for fundraising campaigns. These campaigns include letterbox acquisitions; donor based mailings and memorial/bequest envelopes. All envelopes are designed in a format that make it easy for the donor to respond.

Response mailers

A response mailer is made by folding, perforating and gluing a piece of paper to form a customised product designed specifically to your needs. Response mailers can include anything from a basic envelop to photo wallets and soft packaging. We can produce direct mailers, fundraising leaflets, survey and membership forms and even incorporate additional data to your mailer such as unique numbering and codes for identifications.

Ballot envelopes

Wigg & Son (now Wigg) developed and patented Ballot envelopes specifically manufactured for postal elections and polls. These designs are tried and tested by leading Electoral organisations, being both functional and cost effective. The general postal vote envelope is designed to be inserted with a ballot paper and posted back in another outer reply envelope supplied. The postal vote return envelope has the additional ability to return in the mail as is without the need for an additional envelope.

Zipper envelopes (same as Let It Rip envelopes)

Zipper envelopes create a point of difference and excitement when revealing the contents within. Create your own Zipper envelope by taking an off the shelf Zipper envelope and overprint with your design, or alternatively you can create your own custom version of this envelope and design the perforation to any size or shape to fit your own unique design.

Reusable Boomerang envelope

The Reusable Boomerang envelope is two envelopes in one; the outer envelope transforms into a reply envelope by simply pulling open the tab at the side, removing the contents and replacing with return material. Having a return envelope makes it easier for your customer to respond to your direst mailing campaign, and is environmentally friendly by using just one envelope instead of two.

Secretive pattern envelopes

The secretive pattern inside an envelope is usually used for keeping the contents confidential, but secretive patterns can also create a great opportunity to showcase your company logo or important information to your customer. Using special colours and your own design, you can develop a secretive pattern that sets you apart from the competition.

Special window envelopes

The envelope that can show more than just a name and address. Design your envelope window in different shapes and sizes; and use the window as a ‘looking glass’ inside the envelope. Create an innovative window design to make your business mailer stand out.


Enhance the impact of your envelope with a unique scent. The creative printed on the envelope can be matched with a selection of scents to arouse the sense of smell as well as sight. Create the perfume of a flower, or the craving for a chocolate fix to stimulate the senses.

Adgroove embossing

Give your envelopes a distinctive look and feel that delivers a touch of quality without the cost of specialty paper. Adgroove embossing can easily be added to your envelope design.

Sticker envelopes

We can apply our sticky labels to any envelope or paper product, in any shape or size to suit your requirements. Entice customers to participate in promotions using scratchy stickers that create interest and interaction to your unique mailer, or simply create a ‘piggyback’ label that can be unstuck and reapplied to another item.

Square envelopes

Stand out in the letterbox amongst regular sized envelopes with a square envelope. Design your own size and creative, or simply order from our shelf stock.

Greeting card envelopes

The greeting card envelope no long sits blankly behind the greeting card on the retail shelf. The envelope integrates with the card as a whole package, and can be customised to reflect the cards design inside. Either custom print the ‘Banker envelope’ with your design or Wigg can customise an envelope to suit your size or shape using special paper -
the choice is yours to make your greeting card stand out from the crowd.

HotNote envelopes

The HotNote looks and works just like a regular self-stick note, to be saved and used as a reminder of an offer or information you’re communicating to the recipient. The HotNote message can be customised by shape, size and colour and can be personalised to the recipient. These are available as a stock item ready for your custom messaging, or made to order using your own unique design.

CustomCut envelopes

CustomCut allows you to cut the shape of the envelope to reflect your own unique
eye-catching design; be it the shape of a house, a car or an animal – the choice is yours! Stand out from the other mailers in the letterbox, CustomCut envelopes unique designs means you can deliver the unexpected.

CD/DVD mailers

Slim and lightweight, the CD/DVD envelope provides cost effective CD protection while also being a lower cost mailing option, compared to the larger and heavier jewel case design. Envelopes or sleeve, white or coloured paper, window or non-window, you can completely customise your CD envelope to suit your requirements.

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